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Predictive Maintenance Platforms

Improve production reliability & avoid costly downtime.

Prevent outages - before they happen. Our predictive maintenance platform identifies potential breakages, responds to maintenance failures, and alerts your team immediately - keeping your production goals and reliability on track.

  • Minimize Production Outages
  • Stabilize Pressure Levels
  • Meet Air ISO Quality Standards
  • Optimize system using dynamic A.I.


SAAS Proactive Analytics & Controls

Automatically analyze & adapt to produciton needs

Energy efficiency starts here. Predictive algorithms assess your daily, weekly , and seasonal energy use - dynamically controlling systems via production profiles to lower energy waste, redundancy, and excess utility costs.

  • Helps to Detect and Isolate Leaks
  • Reduce runtime of Back Up and Rental Air Compressors
  • Optimize Compressor Efficiency
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Cloud-Based Remote Platform

Continuously monitor & respond from anywhere in the world

On-site productivity, off-site visibility. Our remote platform lets you respond up-to-the-minute with immediate maintenance alerts, customizable thresholds, and an intuitive data & analytics dashboard.

One-click monitoring allows your team to work and respond flexibly - managing team productivity, leveraging off-site expertise, and catching maintenance issues before they impact production.

  • Extend Equipment Lifetime
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs
  • Remote Equipment Visibility
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Customized Dashboard & Reporting

Power your production reliability with real-time data.

Smart decisions start with better data. Our customizable dashboard tracks your compressed air system operation, energy consumption, and machinery analytics at a glance. With unlimited historical data & personalized analytics, EcoPlant allows you to track and investigate inefficiencies, monitor idle time, and assess your equipment use to improve production reliability.

Real-time analytics help you understand your costs, gain energy consumption insights, and make proactive decisions for long-term efficiency.

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Hard at Work in Factories Worldwide

See how factories in the United States and Israel are reducing their energy use, improving production reliability, and saving on their annual costs with EcoPlant.

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Bringing Food & Beverage
Factories to a Cleaner Future

Introducing EcoPlant SafeAir: the US DoE Air Treatment Program

EcoPlant SafeAir is our innovative air quality & humidity monitoring and controls solution. Our platform is funded by the US Department of Energy, Israeli Ministry of Energy, and the Israeli Innovation Authority's Binational Industrial Research and Development (BIRD) Energy program.

Operating as an extension to our existing predictive technology and dynamic A.I. control, EcoPlant SafeAir enables food and beverage factories to maintain air quality and humidity standards - preventing contamination without disruption.

  • Continually monitors Air Quality Standards ISO 8573.1 & ISO 12500
  • Optimizes air dryer energy consumption
  • Real-time monitoring and dynamic controls
  • Automatic contaminated pipe shut-down or diversion

Ecoplant SafeAir is currently deployed free of charge at select factories. We are accepting additional applications to implement our complementary EcoPlant SafeAir pilot program for qualified factories across the United States.

Apply today to participate in the next step towards a cleaner future.

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