Our Story

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Our Story

Founded by experts, partnered with industry leaders, focused on the future.

In 2012, we knew industrial air compressor systems were ready for disruption. 

Working hand-in-hand with industry leaders, and backed by over 30 years of systems experience, we started outlining the first steps of a dynamic, cloud-based platform that would implement up-and-coming IoT tech to help our customers: 

  • Improve energy efficiency and cost-savings
  • Minimize unnecessary maintenance and downtime
  • Run production reliably, with complete peace of mind

By 2016, we were ready to launch EcoPlant and take our revolution worldwide. 

With a winning team of manufacturing industry experts, SAP specialists, and data analysts, we refined an award-winning platform ready to achieve our goals—and change the face of the air compressor industry.

EcoPlant + Atlas Machine & Supply:

A partnership of disruption, innovation, and over a century of expertise. 

What makes an industry-charging partnership? Technical innovation + air system knowledge + commitment to customer service that spans over 100 years.

Atlas Machine & Supply is a forward-facing air compressor systems & service provider, with a firmly-rooted history in the United States Midwest. For over a century, Atlas has been leading the way to develop innovative and responsive solutions that meet the challenges of the industry—with four generations of family ownership behind their national reputation. 

In 2019, EcoPlant and Atlas partnered to pursue a common goal: to disrupt the stale, costly, and legacy systems of the air industry. To bring EcoPlant overseas, Atlas offered its extensive US market presence, deep understanding of the end customer requirements, and ACES control system as a platform upon which both companies could grow together.

Today, EcoPlant and Atlas are distributing EcoPlant across the United States—-and working hand-in-hand to deploy our DOE-funded Air Quality solution: EcoPlant SafeAir. 

Our Mission

To revolutionize factory production efficiency & reliability through dynamic monitoring and controls.

A passion for solving problems. A mission to overcome the challenges of outdated, legacy air compressor systems that stifle your production - and impact your bottom line.

That's what powers the EcoPlant and Atlas Machine & Supply partnership, every day.

EcoPlant collaborates with Atlas Machine to distribute our A.I.-based automated platform, improving your production line and making it simpler to do better business.

As our North American partner, Atlas Machine provides the installation service, on-site support, and over a century of compressed air expertise - bringing EcoPlant to leading industrial factories across the United States.

Together, Ecoplant and Atlas Machine are creating a truly disruptive technology that will change the way we own and operate air systems.

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Key Relationships

Founded by experts, partnered with industry leaders, focused on the future.

Accepted & Completed
IBM Alphazone Accelerator
Accepted & Completed
Techstars International Acceleration Program
Invested in by
Ecolab, Benhamu Global Ventures, IIA and Strategic Investors
Partnered for Distribution and Innovation with
Atlas Machine & Supply
Awarded People and Computers Magazine's
Startup of the Year Award 2019
Awarded the US DOE & Israel MOE's
Binational Industrial Research and Development [BIRD] Energy Grant