Keep Your Plants Running Longer
While Spending Less

Intelligent air compressor control & monitoring platform improves your system reliability, prevents downtime, and saves you up to 50% on your energy cost.

Continuous Value Delivery

With our 360° Solution, we optimize your air compressor system to run smarter - not harder.

Are leakages, high maintenance costs, and unreliable equipment impacting your production line?

EcoPlant leverages loT tech & predictive analytics to automatically control your air compressor system for an end-to-end solution to your energy efficiency, system reliability, and off-site productivity.

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Meet Tomorrow's Upgrade.

Intelligent Controls, Powerful Results


Zero-Downtime Implementation

No-fee turnkey setup & seamless integration in less than a week - compatible with most brands & tech.


Immediate Monitoring & Reports

Instant access to your systems' real data, analytics, and maintenance alerts for improved reliability.


Dynamic Controls & Adjustments

A.I. system learns system behavior & continuously adjusts real-time energy usage to reduce wastage and lower costs annually.

Implementing the EcoPlant control system allows us to recognize problems before they cause damage, optimize our energy consumption, and improve our sustainability strategy.

-Jameel Istaitih,
Head of Industry 4.0, Strauss Group (Strauss Group/Dannon Israel)

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Risk-Free Implementation - with Immediate ROI

There's no need to put your production on pause or impact your bottom line to get started with EcoPlant. Our integrated platform takes less than a week to get up-and-running, with an affordable capital investment, no installation fee, and no system downtime to slow you down.

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